Jesse Watters, a correspondent for The O’Reilly Factor, was booted off the Cornell University campus for interviewing students without permission.

Jesse Watters At Cornell

During the segment of “Watters World,” Bill O’Reilly sent Watters to Cornell University to test out his theory that the left-leaning college was indoctrinating students to have liberal bias.

“According to the student newspaper of the nearly $600,00 donated by Cornell’s faculty, 96% went to Democrats,” O’Reilly said by way of introducing the segment. “Only 15 of 323 donors gave to conservative campaigns or causes. That doesn’t seem real diverse to me.”

Watters, in his typically over the top style, grilled the college students with a series of attempted “gotcha” questions.

When one girl made a Game of Thrones quip in response to a question about building a wall on America’s southern borders to keep people out, Watters questioned her smarts. The female student, realizing Watters didn’t quite get the joke about a wall made of ice, said dryly, “Oh well, I’m indoctrinated, so I know nothing.”

To that same girl, Watters asked if he could buy her one of Donald Trump‘s Make America Great Again hats. “You can’t buy me anything,” she retorted

Watters then asked, “Dinner?”

“OK, this got weird,” she replied before walking away.

Eventually, Watters’ segment was cut short by Melissa Osgood, Cornell University’s Deputy Director of Media Relations. “We ask that you don’t interview students on campus,” she said, adding that her reaction had nothing to do with him being from Fox News. John Carberry, the university’s Senior Director of Media Relations, also refused Watters the chance to interview students on campus.

“They hated you,” O’Reilly said after airing the clip. “They did,” Watters conceded.

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