Jerramy Stevens, 33, the former Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end and fiance of U.S. soccer star and Olympian Hope Solo, 31, was released from custody in Kirkland, Wash., after being arrested one day before his planned marriage to Solo on suspicion of fourth-degree domestic assault.

Stevens was released after a court appearance on Tuesday when Judge Michael Lambo said that he didn't find "any evidence connecting Mr. Stevens with an assault. The arrest came after police were called to a party on Monday in the early morning hours, allegedly by Solo's older brother, Marcus, 34, who was also present at the party, where an altercation reportedly broke out, reports Seattle Pi.

Upon arriving at the scene, authorities reportedly encountered several conflicting stories and several people who had been injured, including Solo, who emerged from the house with a laceration on her elbow when Marcus was being interrogated and yelled to her brother, "Don't say anything to them, Marcus." She also appeared to be intoxicated.

Marcus reported that there were approximately eight people who were intoxicated, some of whom were uninvited guests who had been involved in the altercation. However, the unwanted guests appeared to be gone by the time police arrived, though blood was found inside the home, as was a woman with a hip injury lying on the kitchen floor.

Stevens was found upstairs in a bedroom, behind a bed on the floor. Authorities asked why Stevens appeared to be hiding, to which he claimed that he was merely sleeping there and was unaware of any altercation downstairs between Marcus and uninvited party-goers.

Stevens also allegedly admitted that he and Solo had been arguing about where they would live — Florida or Washington — after their planned Tuesday marriage, the room showed signs of disruption, and there was blood on his face and shirt.

Solo, who was described by officers as "uncooperative and argumentative," refused to take a domestic violence brochure or give a written statement. Her injury was not photographed by police.

Stevens, who has reportedly been dating Solo for about two months, has previously been arrested for multiple drug charges and a few instances of assault and battery, including one charge of second-degree assault armed with a deadly weapon, in which Stevens allegedly stomped on a 17-year-old boy's face during an altercation and later agreed to a plea deal.

He was also arrested tor reckless driving and hit-and-run, as well as sexual assault in the case of a 19-year-old University of Washington woman with whom he claims he had consentual sex, while witnesses say she appeared drugged at the party that immediately preceded the alleged incident — an assessment that was verified by passers-by as they witnessed Stevens engage in intercourse with her on the yard of a fraternity house. A long list of DUI and marijuana possession charges also follow Stevens.

Solo appeared in the courtroom at Stevens' hearing, but did not speak to reporters.

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