The franchise of Bourne movies isn't about to let a few minor details like replacing actors, replacing a director, and replacing a titular character, stand in its way. Granted, the trailer for The Bourne Legacy may not have Matt Damon, Paul Greengrass, or … well, Jason Bourne, but it's still storming the Internet.

New action star Jeremy Renner joins first-time Bourne director Tony Gilroy, who wrote the screenplays for the first three Bourne movies and also directed 2007's Michael Clayton, starring George Clooney, and 2009's spy adventure, Duplicity, with Clive Owen and Julia Roberts. Gilroy's cast also includes new Bourne stars Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton, plus trusty villainous mainstays, David Strathairn, Albert Finney, and Joan Allen.

The teaser trailer starts out by narrowly revealing scenes of Aaron Cross, Renner's character's operative name, through slatted lines that slowly snake across the screen. It addresses questions that everyone has been asking — even if it doesn't directly answer them. "Welcome to the program," a sinister Finny tells a dazed-looking Renner before the camera pulls out to reveal a full shot of our new hero's face, confirming that he is, in fact, not Damon.

Then Norton's voiceover comes through to provide some much-needed explication: "Jason Bourne was the tip of the iceberg," he says, before the camera cuts to Stacy Keach angrily demanding, "Who the hell is he?"

Find out who the hell he is on August 3, 2012, when The Bourne Legacy hits theaters. Before that you can catch Renner in another action flick, The Avengers, out on May 4, 1012.

Watch the trailer here:

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