Jeremy Piven was on set of the highly anticipated Entourage film in West Hollywood on Tuesday, with Irish-born actor Liam Neeson.

Liam Neeson & Jeremy Piven FIlm Entourage Film

Piven, who plays agent to the stars Ari Gold on the erstwhile HBO hit, was decked out as his character in a blue suit with a double-breasted vest. Rocking dark-tinted lenses, he sat behind the wheel of a red Ferrari convertible.

In what’s likely a cameo role, Neeson strolled around the set in a casual outfit of light khakis and a navy t-shirt under a blazer. In a fancy convertible of his own, he pulled up alongside Ari and flipped him the bird.

When production on the Entourage movie stalled last year, fans worried that the TV show, which ended in 2011, wouldn’t make it to the big screen. Mark Wahlberg, who produced the show that’s based on some of his experiences trying to make it in Hollywood, made a comment last year that implied the actors were holding out for more money.

Series star Kevin Connolly, who plays Eric Murphy on Entourage, adamantly stated that want for more money wasn’t cause for delays – it was only scheduling issues. "The movie was never held up by salary negotiations," Connolly told The Wrap. "I was not available. Neither was Jeremy Piven. We were both doing our shows."

"The movie was always happening,” he added. "And in the meantime, people were negotiating. It became a thing that wasn’t really there. No one, I repeat I repeat, no one, held out for more money. That wasn’t it. We knew we were shooting in January, and people were getting the best deal."

Adrian Grenier will return as main character Vincent Chase, Jerry Ferrara as Turtle and Kevin Dillon as Drama in the Entourage movie, which is due in theaters June 12, 2015.

– Chelsea Regan

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