Lin-sanity continues! With less than one second left on the clock, New York Knicks player and Harvard grad Jeremy Lin hit an amazing three-pointer, the victory shot over the Toronto Raptors Tuesday night. The final score was 90-87.

The amazing news brings on the latest wave of what's being called "Lin-sanity," referring to the last ten days that have seen Lin morph from a bench warmer to a fan favorite to an all-out star.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg sported a New York Knicks jersey monogrammed with Lin's name and number 17 on ABC's The View Wednesday morning while opening the show with footage of Lin's astonishing basket. The Asian-American Lin was living on his brother's couch in Manhattan not even two weeks ago, according to CBS News.

All told, Lin scored 27 points and 11 assists Tuesday night, bringing the Knicks' winning streak to six games in a row.

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