All good things come to an end, even on game shows. James Holzhauer’s 32-game Jeopardy  win streak came to an end after new-comer Emma Boettcher beat him using a trick he earned some fame for. Holzhauer made a habit of using Daily Double Bets to take the lead early on in each of his 32 games, all of which he went on to win, nearly matching the 2004 record prize of $2.52 million. Boettcher, who’s a librarian at University of Chicago, wrote her Master’s thesis on these Daily Double Bets, so this proved to be an easy win for her as she’s been studying the show and its trends for years.

The 27-year-old was robbed the opportunity to celebrate the massive win, since the show’s taping schedule had her competing in another square off soon after. The massive win did not translate into big bucks, though. From her stint on the show, she earned only $46,801, a mere 1.8% of the earnings Holzauer made. She told the Chicago Tribune that she’d be using the money to pay off her student loans and will be giving back to her school’s library, where she spent many hours forming and writing a thesis about the TV game show.


Twitter went on to congratulate her for besting Holzauer in her first round and ending his streak and even poked some jokes. After all, it’s the show is more fun than games.

Even Holzhauer had some jokes to make about the upset.

In the end, he went down with great sportsmanship, congratulating Boettcher on her win.

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