Someone put game show host Alex Trebek, 71, in some real "jeopardy" early Wednesday morning by breaking into and robbing his San Francisco hotel room while he and his wife slept.

"I woke up and saw a figure in our hotel bedroom and I thought I was dreaming," he told the Today show. "I realized immediately that someone had been in the room, and I put on my underwear and ran down the hall to see if I could find her."

The culprit was was Lucinda Moyers, 56, whom Trebek confronted in the hallway at he ice machine after taking chase after her. "She came out of the little room where the ice machine is, and I said, 'What were you doing in our room?' She said, 'I wasn't in your room,' so I said, 'What are you doing here?' She said, 'I was visiting friends.' I said, 'No you weren't.' Afterward he "crashed to the ground, but was able to hobble back to the phone and inform security" about Moyer's presence.

In the chase, Trebek snapped his Achiles tendon and bruised his other leg. He is scheduled for surgery on Friday, after which he will likely have to wear a cast for six weeks.


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After apprehending Moyers, police recovered a few items from her, but a sum of cash taken from Trebek's room and a bracelet given him by his mother 20 years ago, which he always wore while hosting Jeopardy, were not recovered.

The dedicated Trebek, who has dutifully hosted the how for over 25 years and was recently the recipient of a lifetime achievement award at the Daytime Emmys, didn't let the incident interfere with his obligations, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Later the same day, he arrived at the National Geographic World Championships at Google headquarters in Mountain View to do what he does best — host the competition. His crutches didn't get in the way of him issuing a threat to the contestants — "You're going to be tempted to blurt out responses. If you do, I will have to chase you out!" he warned. No one did.

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