Viewers of Monday night’s episode of Jeopardy! had no idea what fun they were in for when contestant Tom Flynn sashayed his way on to their screens, striking some serious blue-steel poses for the camera.

It seemed the ridiculously good-looking, New York City bartender felt compelled to wow his audience with a perfect pout every time the lens caught his eye.

The cheeky contestant won over even more hearts when he responded hilariously to a question he didn’t know the answer to. With pout firmly intact he simply wrote “what” to his final Jeopardy! question and people were loving it.

Flynn, who has hopes of being a film director one day, caused a major stir on social media and though not everyone was into his shenanigans, one Twitter user writing that the show wasn’t an “audition for working at Abercrombie and Fitch,” he’s undoubtedly delighted by all the attention.

He lost the show, sure, but there has to be a part for this guy in Zoolander 2?