Jeopardy champion Brian Henegar will donate a portion of his earnings to the Anti-Defamation League following hateful comments about his appearance.

On Tuesday night’s episode, Henegar beat Crystal Zhao and Amanda Bain Wysocki, correctly answering “John Grisham” in Final Jeopardy. He earned $23,200.

However, he went viral for a different reason when viewers poked fun at his appearance on social media, comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

Henegar spoke out on Twitter, saying those who mocked his appearance were “a bunch of jerks.”


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The Jeopardy champion then chose to leave the social media platform.

When a user wrote, “block them and move on,” Henegar replied, “I would love to, but there are literally dozens of them comparing my appearance to one of the most evil human beings to ever defile the Earth… and it’s a lot when I’m already on such an emotional high from winning.”

He later returned after receiving positive replies that helped restore his “faith in humanity.”

He initially said that he would shave off his mustache but later decided to grow it out into a goatee. He then added that he would make a donation to the Anti-Defamation League, an anti-hate organization that works to combat anti-Semitism.

Henegar also won Wednesday and Thursday night’s episodes, making him a three-day champion with total earnings of $68,202.

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