Jenny McCarthy addressed Charlie Sheen’s HIV reveal on her Sirius XM radio show on Wednesday, and admitted her concern that Sheen did not disclose his HIV positive status while she played his love interest on Two and a Half Men.

Jenny McCarthy Opens Up About Charlie Sheen HIV Status

“Playing even his love interest on the show, back in the day, I go, ‘Ick! That’s not fair. It’s scary,’” McCarthy told her listeners.

“I have sympathy for him because, you know, he’s sick and it’s awful, but man, he’s going to have to take some major accountability with many people in his life,” McCarthy added.

McCarthy believes that Sheen should have been upfront about his HIV status, noting that actors often have to sign papers acknowledging whether or not they have cold sores or herpes.

“Before we do a job, we have to sign a piece of paper that says, ‘Do you have cold sores?’ ” McCarthy said. “I’m like, wait a second, ‘If I have to be up front about a herpes, how could you not be up front about HIV?’”

The actress said she understands that you can’t transmit HIV through kissing, but still considered it a big deal that Sheen did not reveal this information to the actresses playing his love interest.

However, fans and critics slammed McCarthy for her controversial comments, and the actress decided to clarify her comments on Twitter in response to the backlash.

“The point I raised about Charlie Sheen on my Sirius radio show, had nothing to do with whether or not I think he put me at risk,” she posted on Thursday. “I simply took issue with a double standard in the industry.”

“I believe that if an actress has to disclose all of her business before kissing a male co-star, that actor should be required to disclose something as major as an HIV diagnosis,” McCarthy wrote.

Sheen’s manager, Mark Burg, has responded to McCarthy’s comments by saying that Sheen was not HIV positive when they worked together.

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