Jenny McCarthy was not shy when describing Donnie Wahlberg’s skills in the bedroom, saying that her husband “has the most beautiful penis I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Jenny McCarthy Gushes Over Donnie Wahlberg's Penis

McCarthy was a guest on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Thursday night, and the comedian and radio host spared no details when asked whether or not sex with Wahlberg had changed since their September wedding.

“Without a doubt, it gets better every single time I make love to him,” McCarthy said.

When pressed, McCarthy began wandering into the TMI territory, saying, “First of all, he has the most beautiful penis I’ve ever seen in my life. But you know what it is, he knows how to use it…. The size is perfect. I can’t get too descriptive. But, you know what I mean! It fits my vagina perfect and hits the spots right.”

“But the thing about it is…he makes love to a woman,” McCarthy concluded.

Wahlberg, who was sitting in the audience, felt the need to interrupt, shouting, “Not any woman, just you!”

McCarthy also spoke about what topics were off-limits while she was on The View and how she and Wahlberg met.

Wahlberg didn't seem bothered by his wife's comments, though he did appear to be blusing a bit throughout the interview. He later took to Twitter to make light of the criticism that McCarthy may have gone too far.

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