If you had purchased a ticket to the NYE countdown at E11Even, a trendy nightclub in Miami, Florida, brace yourself for disappointment. The star and host of the event, Jennifer Lopez, abruptly pulled out of the event. The gig allegedly would have paid Lopez $1 million, but she cancelled “due to personal reasons,” according to the statement released by the venue’s spokesperson. Lopez had not yet commented on the reason for the scrapped event, which had tickets sold for $500.

The timing of the countdown’s cancellation coincided with her ex hubby Marc Anthony’s split with his most recent wife. The news of the divorce was announced Dec. 18, and marked Anthony’s split from his third wife. Lopez, however, said nothing to indicate there to be a relation between the two events.

Though Lopez herself had not given a reason, one Lopez source explained, “[Lopez] was just so consumed with Shades of Blue, her concert and other obligations, getting on a plane for New Year’s just seemed too much and she wanted some personal and family time during the holidays.” Perhaps her ex-partner’s divorce reminded Lopez the importance of spending time with those dear to her during this holiday season.

Purchasers of E11Even’s countdown event can now look forward to performances by Blake Shelton, Alicia Keys and Pentatonix, all under the replacement host: former Spice Girl Melanie Brown.

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