Two Jennifer Lopez Barbie dolls have been introduced by toymaker Mattel that are leaving the entertainer's fan base questioning the dolls ultra-slim physique.

Lopez, throughout her career as a dancer, singer and actress, has always been identified with her enviable curves. However, they seem to be missing from her Barbie likeness. Some of Lopez’s fans are not pleased with the look and have taken to Twitter to voice his complaints.

Jennifer Lopez Barbie Slammed

Mattel Defends JLo Barbie

Mattell likely doesn’t know what all the fuss is about, as they claim that Lopez’s Barbie was actually designed to not look as skinny as the original. “We created a specialty sculpt that has more enhanced curves,” Robert Best, Barbie director of design told Yahoo Shine.

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Lopez, for one, doesn’t seem to have a problem with how she was transformed into the iconic children’s doll. She’s also a lifelong Barbie fan. “I wanted to live in Barbie’s world. I wanted to be Barbie,” Lopez said, talking about her childhood to ET. “It really does make sense that I wanted to turn my own life into Barbie’s life. When you’re growing up in the Bronx, it’s very limited at first. I think Barbie represents infinite possibilities. The dream is still alive. You never get too far away from that little girl, or you shouldn’t.”

The JLo dolls, which will be available in time for Christmas, will sell for $29.95.

– Chelsea Regan

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