Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini were taking their kids to the Demi Lovato concert Saturday evening when they were rear-ended by a drunk driver.

Jennifer Lopez, Leah Remini Car Accident

Lopez and Remini had been stopped at a red light along the Pacific Coast Highway when the impaired driver ran into Lopez’s car, which Remini was driving, according to People. Lopez’s 6-year-old twins Max and Emme were in the backseat with Remini’s 10-year-old daughter Sofia.

Prior to the accident, Lopez had posted a picture on Instagram of the three children, writing, “These three cuties make my day!! #Coconuts #Sofia #lunchwthekiddies #bigpimpin' #brooklynindahouse.”

After exchanging insurance information with Lopez and Remini, the driver responsible for the accident, hopped back into his pickup truck and drove off before officers arrived. Not long afterwards, however, the driver was apprehended by police, who determined that he was driving under the influence, according to the Malibu Police Department.

Captioning a picture inside the car with Remini, which was apparently taken before the accident, Lopez admitted that she “cursed that fool out” and that “the Bronx came out” during the tense encounter.

"Sitting at a light, Riding high right before some drunk fool rear ended us in my new whip!!!" she wrote. "Thank god everyone ok!!! #GRATEFUL #THANKYOUGOD #DontdrinkandDrive!!!! #cursedthatfoolout #theBronxcameout #dontmesswithmycocnuts #mamabear #leahstayedcalm #thatwasweird."

Despite the scary crash, Lopez and Remini still managed to get their kids to the Lovato concert, where they took pictures with the singer backstage. “Such an eventful day for these little ones…hanging w the big girls!!,” Lopez wrote. “Thank you @ddlovato for being sooo sweet!!"