Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are reportedly dating.


Various sources say the pair have been together from “a few weeks” to “a few months” and that they were just together in LA. “They are really into each other because they have so much in common — from their Latin roots, to their love of New York and their kids,” a source shared.

Another source describes the relationship as “just fun,” and that Lopez “is single and enjoys dating.” Reports say that Rodriguez, 41, visited Lopez, 47, in Vegas to see her Planet Hollywood residency show. “They were all coupled up behind the scenes, not public, but absolutely not hiding their relationship around close friends and family,” said a reporter on the scene. “It is definitely for real.”

Rodriguez played his final Major League Baseball game last August, and secured a gig as a full-time broadcaster with Fox Sports. Lopez, is busy with her residency, but previous sightings with rapper Drake stirred the rumor pot as well. She cleared the air on that very quickly: “Let me clear this up: I am not with Drake,” she announced.

Lopez and Rodriguez both have two children from previous relationships, she being married three times, and he just once. His kids are 8 and 12, and she has twins of age 9.

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