Jennifer Lawrence has signed on to play Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of the biotech firm Theranos, in an upcoming film about the medical company, according to reports on Friday.

Jennifer Lawrence To Play Elizabeth Homes In Film About Theranos

Theranos was one of Silicon Valley’s most lucrative startups. The company claimed that they developed a blood testing system, able to perform complex tests with just a drop of blood.

Theranos’ system launched the company into a multi-billion dollar valuation — as high as $9 billion. However, the company lost trust with the public after an investigation by The Wall Street Journal found inconsistencies in Theranos’ new blood testing system.

Holmes denied many of The Wall Street Journal’s findings; regulatory inspections found evidence of issues causing “immediate jeopardy to patient health and safety.” Inspectors threatened to ban the company from operating any laboratories after the problems were not corrected. The company is also reportedly under investigation by federal prosecutors to find out if investors were intentionally misled.

As a result of the investigations, Holmes lost her position.

Adam McKay, who recently directed the financial crisis drama The Big Short is set to produce the film and Gary Sanchez Productions is also on the project with producer Kevin Messick, who is planning to approach buyers next week.

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