Jennifer Lawrence, a major victim of the celebrity nude photo hackers, has finally broken her silence on the ordeal.

Jennifer Lawrence On Nude Picture Leak

Lawrence, 24, had the misfortune of being a primary target of the hackers that cracked into the phones of movie, TV, music and sports stars and posted their nude pictures on the Internet. Tens of pictures of the Hunger Games actress in compromising poses hit the web and there was little she – or her legal team – could do to have the pictures taken down.

Lawrence’s reaction to the situation is disgust. “It’s my body, and it should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting,” Lawrence told Vanity Fair. “I can’t believe that we even live in that kind of world.”’

One thing Lawrence certainly is not feeling about the picture leak is contrite. “I started to write an apology, but I don’t have anything to say I’m sorry for,” said the Oscar winner. "I was in a loving, healthy, great relationship for four years," she added, referring to her X-Men costar Nicholas Hoult. "It was long distance, and either your boyfriend is going to look at porn or he’s going to look at you.”

In conclusion, Lawrence makes no secret of her repulsion for those responsible for the nude picture leak. By leaking not just her pictures, but the pictures of fellow men and women in the spotlight, Lawrence believes that the perpetrators committed a sort of sex crime. If the current laws won’t incriminate them, then Lawrence believes it’s time to change some laws.

“It is a sexual violation. It’s disgusting. The law needs to be changed, and we need to change,” she said. “That’s why these Web sites are responsible. Just the fact that somebody can be sexually exploited and violated, and the first thought that crosses somebody’s mind is to make a profit from it. It’s so beyond me. I just can’t imagine being that detached from humanity. I can’t imagine being that thoughtless and careless and so empty inside.”

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