Jennifer Garner hit the red carpet at the Miracles from Heaven premiere in a pretty pink dress Wednesday night.

Jennifer Garner’s Latest Look

Garner was outfitted for the Hollywood premiere in a pink Oscar De La Renta Spring 2016 cocktail dress with black, floral overlay. Styled by Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson, Garner accessorized with Beladora diamond bracelets and rings.

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Miracles from Heaven is based on the memoir of the same name penned by Christy Beam. Beam’s daughter Annabel Beam was suffering from two serious digestive disorders, when, in December 2011, she had a near-death experience, falling 30 feet head first into a hollow tree. For six hours, she was trapped. When Annabel was finally rescued, she claimed to have met Jesus in heaven. And, doctors would soon find her digestive disorder symptoms gone.

On the red carpet Garner was asked about her own faith. “It has always been quietly a part of me,” she told reporters. “I’m still getting used to the idea of talking about it.”

“I love the Christy Beam story, I love the story of hope, I love the story of encouragement,” Garner added. “I love how inspirational this story is, and I love being a part of putting her story out into the world.”

Miracles from Heaven hits theaters March 16, 2016.

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