Jennifer Capriati, the former tennis champion, is going to trial on Dec. 17 after being accused of battery and stalking an ex-boyfriend.

Capriati was set to appear at a South Florida courthouse today for a hearing regarding the charges brought against her, but she reportedly failed to attend.

Capriati’s ex, Ivan Brannan, alleges that Capriati hit him at the Oxygen Gym and Spa in North Palm Beach on Valentine’s Day. According to the police report, Brannan was able to find safety in the men’s locker room where he called the police. The report goes on to say that Brannan “was in fear of physical harm.”

Brannan also alleges that, prior to the incident, Capriati had been stalking and harassing him. In November, 2012, Brannan reportedly tried to obtain a restraining order against Capriati, but was denied.


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Capriati, a world class tennis player who was once ranked number 1 in women’s singles, denied these allegations in a statement made in March.

“The current facts being circulated by Mr. Brannan are an over exaggeration and the police report is one-sided in Mr. Brannan’s favor since they failed to get Ms. Capriati’s side of the story. We will make sure that Ms. Capriati’s side of the story is fully conveyed and when the truth comes out she will be vindicated from these charges,” read the statement.

Capriati has received support from Brannan’s ex-girlfriend, MasterChef competitor, Christine Corley. Corley dated Brannan in 2010 and the two have a son together.

When news of the allegations against Capriati came out in March, Corley reached out to Capriati on Twitter, alleging that Brannan had also falsely accused her of misconduct when they were dating, the nature of which is unknown as no charges were ever filed against her.

“He is doing the same thing to you as he did to me!!” Corley tweeted to Capriati.

In the days that followed, Corley continued to tweet her support for Capriati and her distaste for Brannan.

“This man [Brannan] is just a master manipulator who goes from woman to woman to get some money… or access to the best parties in town. He’d disappear for months at a time and come back when he needed more money,” Corley told GossipExtra.

Corley describes Brannan as a self-serving gold-digger.“I have no doubt he is with Jennifer for her money, and when he is done with her, he tries to get rid of her by any means he can find. Including by getting police involved. He accused me several times of beating him, but no charges were ever filed because the police knew it was not true,” Corley said.

Capriati is an Olympic gold medalist and a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame. She was arrested for marijuana possession in mid 1990s.

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