Fans of Jennifer Aniston, 43, are likely having mixed feelings today. In good news, the Wanderlust star received one of the greatest honors in show biz on Monday, getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. On the other hand, she also recently nixed the idea of a much-anticipated Friends reunion.

Aniston was accompanied at the Walk of Fame ceremony by boyfriend Justin Theroux and her father, John. Just Go With It costar Adam Sandler also made an appearance, stepping in to say a few words about his friend. "She prayed for three things," he said, reports CNS. "To have everyone in the entire world be fascinated with her haircut, to one day star in a movie about an evil leprechaun who kills people, and most importantly, to receive a star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame. Well, today, Jennifer, the trifecta is here."

The actress felt that, in some ways, this was meant to be. "I was born in Sherman Oaks, California," she said. "I am a California girl through and through, and I'm sure this has always just sort of been in the back of my mind. It probably wasn't even a dream, it was one of my wildest dreams. I don't think that I ever even thought that this would be here, this day. So I am utterly humbled and grateful."

Despite her happiness at fame, Aniston is not ready to revisit her humble roots anytime soon. When answering Twitter questions with her Wanderlust costar, Paul Rudd, for MTV First, she quickly batted away rumors of a Friends reunion. "What will we see first?" one tweet asked. "A Clueless or a Friends reunion?"

"No, there will be none," Aniston said of the possibility. "I don't think so … Wouldn't it be weird? I would be like, 'Oh God, why did they do that?'" Rudd was similarly unimpressed with the idea of reprising his role in his 1995 film. "Well, Clueless was Emma," he pointed out about the remake of the classic Jane Austen novel. "So I don't know what you'd do."

So you may have to rely on old reruns of Friends, but you can catch Wanderlust in theaters on February 24. Aniston's Walk of Fame star is the 2,462nd to be designated.

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