Halloween isn't just a holiday for kids — moms get into it too, as evidenced by Beverly Hills 90210 alumnae Tori Spelling, 39, Jennie Garth, 40, and Kathleen Robertson, 39, who also now stars in Boss with Kelsey Grammer and Connie Nielsen.

Spelling, who had a tough time delivering her fourth child, Finn, about two months ago, is ready to relax for the holidays and have some fun with her older kids, Liam, 5, Stella, 4, and Hattie, 1. "I asked Liam and Stella what they wanted to be and Liam was like, ‘I want to be a serial killer,’” Tori told She Knows. “I was like, ‘Where have I gone wrong?’ I compromised. He has one nice costume for school, he’s going to be a pirate. Then to go trick-or-treating, he wanted the Jason mask and the fake machete.”

Spelling, who plans on sewing her youngest kids' costumes (jury's still out for Hattie, but Finn will likely be a piece of sushi), also found herself having to veer her second-born away from the same idea her eldest had. "Stella, who always follows in Liam’s footsteps said, ‘I want to be a pretty serial killer in pink with pink blood,'" Spelling said. In the end, however, mom convinced the younger child to go trick-or-treating as a mermaid, as long as the mermaid could have pink hair. "So we got her costume at the Halloween store," the relieved Spelling said.

Garth's three daughters are a little bit older, but still into Halloween. "My 15-year old has legs for days," Garth said of her eldest, Luca Bella. "I make sure that [her skirt] is longer than her arms." That's going to be tough with the costumes that Garth's kids have in mind, however. "I have a zombie cheerleader and flight attendant," Garth said.

And as for all that sugary-sweet Halloween candy? "They don't eat candy," Garth said of Luca, 15, and her other two girls, Lola Ray, 10, and Fiona Eve, 6. "They just trick or treat for the fun of it, and then I eat the candy." Somehow, with that new hot, slender bod that Garth has been sporting, we doubt it.

And Beverly Hills 90210's latecomer Robertson is also honoring her kid's wishes. "I am being an alien per my sons request," she told SheKnows. "He's being an astronaut, and he's decided for me that I'm going to be his alien. I wanted to be a witch and he nixed that." Yes, that means that Boss star and hot mom Robertson will be sporting full green body paint for the autumn holiday. Now that's the kind of sugary treat anyone can enjoy.

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