Jenna Dewan-Tatum explained her husband Channing Tatum‘s sweet Valentine’s Day surprise to her, as he flew back to Berlin to see her, on Ellen this week. But the thing she got really excited about was that she and her girlfriends went out for dinner ran into Justin Bieber.

The story is that while they were eating they heard someone start to play the piano. They began to recognize that the piano playing was a Bieber song, and then when Bieber began to sing it “dawned on them” that it the pop sensation himself. Dewan-Tatum excitedly and adorably explains how she and all her friends began to quietly freak out, some of her friends even primping themselves.

“And we’re all mind you married with like 1.5 kids,” she gushed. “We turned immediately 16.”

The ladies sent him a drink to thank him for his song. Bieber and Dewan-Tatum apparently complimented each other on their respective involvement on the popular TV show Lip Sync Battle and then Bieber asked her if they could take a selfie saying, “I want to send it to Chan, he’s my man-crush.”

The selfie has Bieber and Dewan-Tatum in the center, with Dewan-Tatum’s friends crowding around the sides of the shot.

When you meet Bieber at your girls night out and appropriately fangirl out in a selfie (btw he is the sweetest)

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“You’re married to Channing Tatum I wanna remind you,” responded Ellen. Dewan-Tatum hid her face in her lap.

Dewan-Tatum went on to discuss her current project, TV’s Supergirl.

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