Jenna Bush Hager and Henry Hager are expecting their second daughter together.

Jenna Bush Hager Expecting

Bush Hager announced her pregnancy in a video starring her and Hager’s 2-year-old daughter Mila. In the video, Mila blows a kiss a Bush Hager’s baby bump to reveal that her Baby Sissy is on the way.

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“We’re so excited,” Bush Hager said, speaking for her and her husband, to People magazine. “I’m ready to tell the world! I appreciate life so much more as a mom. And I feel so lucky,” Bush Hager, 33, added, “I know how wonderful motherhood is and that makes it so much sweeter.”

When asked about how her parents – former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush – felt about having another grandchild on they way, Bush Hager admitted, “They were thrilled!,” noting that they’re “obsessed” with Mila.

“Mila is so bossy! She’ll be like, ‘Jefe, sit down! Grammy come here!’ and they do whatever she says,” said Bush Hager. “They can’t get enough of her.”

As for Mila, she’s been expressing excitement about the prospect of having a younger sister, though Bush Hager believes that the enthusiasm may wane once she has to split the attention with her sibling.

“We started talking [to her] about it. And she’ll say, ‘Hi baby!’ to my stomach. She is very precocious. I think she’ll be a great big sister but there may be a learning curve,” said Bush Hager. “She definitely likes attention!”

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