Jenelle Evans, a cast member of both MTV’s 16 & Pregnant and its sequel Teen Mom 2, and her mother Barbara Evans have reached a custody agreement over Jenelle’s son Jace Evans, 7.

Barbara Evans will retain primary custody over Jace, but now, as per a court order, a proper and legal visitation schedule has been set up. Jenelle Evans, 25, will now be able to visit with her son on weekends and holidays. She will also be allowed to visit during the summer when Jace is out of school.

“I’m not restricted to when my mom says I can have my son anymore,” the mother of three told E! News. “At the moment, that’s all I care about. [I] just want to spend time with my son. He will be home one day but today wasn’t the day, sadly.”

Jenelle Evan’s lawyer, Heather Kaemmer told People, “Barbara and Jenelle settled on a custody schedule that allows them to share time with Jace. The new order grants Jenelle specific periods of time with Jace so that Barbara no longer has the authority to determine if and when Jenelle can spend time with her son.”

Kaemmer added, “[Jenelle] is now entitled to speak to school personnel and medical personnel and receive information and records regarding Jace directly from them.”

Jenelle Evans plans on returning to court in a years time to prove that she has complied with the current custody agreement, in hopes of gaining full custody or at least primary custody at that time.

Evans has three other children, each with a different father. Her daughter, Ensley Jolie Eason, was born in January 2017. Evans is currently engaged to Ensley’s father, David Eason. She has been engaged three times before.


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