Jenelle Evans exploded at her boyfriend Nathan Griffith after she got home from two days in jail and found out Nathan had been in contact with female friends over Facebook on Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom 2.

Jenelle Fights With Boyfriend Nathan

In August, Jenelle was arrested in August after failing to pass a drug test. The court found marijuana in her system, resulting in a 2-day stay in prison. Tuesday, March 25, Teen Mom 2 depicted the events leading up to the troubled young mother’s arrest and what happened after she was released.

Nathan picked Jenelle up from jail upon her release, dressed up in a crisp button down and waiting for Jenelle with a bouquet of flowers. The twosome seemed happy to be reunited outside the jail, but when they got home the drama started. Someone tweeted a photo of Nathan talking to another girl to Jenelle. Though the photo is never shown, based on their conversation, it seems to be a screen-captured photo of a fake Nathan Griffith Facebook account messaging a girl on the social networking site.

Jenelle saw the photo and immediately went into a rage, demanding that Nathan cease all contact with any girls he spoke to over the weekend while she was behind bars.

“It’s like when I’m in jail, the first thing you do is talk to another chick,” Jenelle says.

Nathan insists that she is overreacting, and says that the girls he talks to are just friends, but it does little to calm Jenelle. Jenelle screams that he was talking to girls behind her back while she was in jail, crying over him for two days.

“If you did it when I wasn’t in jail I wouldn’t be so upset,” Janelle insists before Nathan walks away from the fight.

At the end of the episode, Jenelle is seen crying and making up with Nathan.

Jenelle And Nathan Explain Their Behavior On Twitter

Evans defended her outburst on Twitter, and admitted that she went a bit overboard, calling herself “crazy.”