Jena Malone was cut from the theatrical release of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice — a leaked video of the film’s Ultimate Edition DVD hit YouTube on Thursday — revealing Malone’s cut role.

Jena Malone’s Role In ‘Batman V Superman’ Is Unveiled

Malone reappears in the film as part of the new cut version included in the Ultimate Edition.

Malone’s role was kept under wraps, yet she was was rumored to be Carrie Kelly, the iteration of Robin from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. There was also speculation that she would be playing Barbara Gordon, also known as Batgirl.

A Reddit user found an unlisted video — since removed — titled “Batman v Superman – Ultimate Edition – End Credits” on YouTube and the end credits highlight Malone as Jenet Klyburn.


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Jenet Klyburn is a S.T.A.R. Labs scientist whom eventually becomes the Director of S.T.A.R. labs — she helps Lois Lane figure out the mysteries behind that bullet she recovered from the desert.

As a S.T.A.R. Labs scientist, Jenet also has ties to Cyborg’s father, Silas Stone, who was seen in Lex Luthor’s metahuman thesis files. In the files S.T.A.R. Labs branding can be seen.

The character may be seen in the upcoming Flash and Cyborg films — with Malone able to finally portray her on the big screen.

Flash is set to release in March of 2018 and Cyborg, April of 2020.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Ultimate Edition arrives on Digital HD June 28 and on Blu-ray July 19.

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