The estate of Sherman Hemsley, the Jeffersons star who died of lung cancer at the age of 74 over two months ago, is still in dispute, and his body has been preserved on ice at the San Jose Funeral Home in El Paso, Tex., since his death.

Hemsley's will named his "beloved friend" and manager, Flora Enchinton, as the sole beneficiary of his approximately $50,000 estate, reports the New York Daily News, but a man from Philadelphia, Richard Thornton, who claims to be Hemsley's half-brother, is saying that the will, which was signed just a few weeks before Hemsley's death, is a fraud.

"These people are vultures," Enchinton told El Paso station KVIA. "They have no right to do this to Sherman's memory."

Earlier this week, Judge Patricia B. Chew ordered that a DNA test be conducted in order to determine if Thornton is actually related to Hemsley. The trial is set to resume, after the DNA test is run, on October 31.

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