Jeff Ashton, a Florida state attorney who served as a prosecutor in the Casey Anthony trial, has admitted to having a paid Ashley Madison account.

Jeff Ashton On Ashley Madison

Ashton told reporters on Sunday that he had signed up on the Ashley Madison website, which serves to help married men and women cheat on their spouses, according to the Orlando Sun-Sentinel. However, Ashton maintains that while he was interested in what the website offered, he never actually had an affair.

“I deeply regret my affiliation with the site, which has caused a great amount of stress and heartache to my wife and children,” Ashton said at a press conference. “I want to publicly apologize to each of them for this embarrassment and my blatant disregard for their feelings. I indulged curiosity about the site, but never went beyond that,” Ashton said at a press conference.

“While no laws have been broken, these were incredibly stupid choices,” he added, stating that despite the controversy he was not considering resigning from his post.

Ashton also admitted at the press conference that he occasionally browsed Ashley Madison while at work, but that he had used his personal laptop and public Wi-Fi to do so.

In response to the revelations about Ashton’s Ashley Madison usage, Orlando’s Fraternal Order of Police has requested an external investigation of Ashton. Shawn Dunlap, the president of the Orlando Police Department union, believes that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement should determine whether or not Ashton has told the truth about his use of Ashley Madison. Dunlap reasons that the investigation is something that Ashton would suggest for any officer involved in a similar controversy.

“We have several Orlando Police Officers who are facing criminal cases that the State Attorney has pushed for … The State Attorney’s Office has talked about independent review and how OPD should not be conducting their own investigations,” Dunlap said. “It would be kind of hypocritical to say that police are held to a higher standard and not demand an investigation when something like this is brought to light.”

Earlier this month, the Ashley Madison website was hacked, resulting in a data leak that exposed husbands and wives who were looking for discreet extramarital affairs. The leaked database, which includes identifiable details of the 32 million people around the world who had signed up for the cheating service, can now easily be searched on a number of websites.

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