Jean Kasem is seen on camera tossing a pound of raw hamburger meat at her stepdaughter Kerri Kasem, in an exclusive video obtained by uInterview.

Jean Kasem Filmed Throwing Meat

Kerri Kasem had arrived with an ambulance to pick up her father, iconic radio DJ Casey Kasem, on Sunday. Kerri and her siblings have shared their concern with the courts that Jean Kasem has not been providing their father with adequate medical care. On Friday, a Washington state judge granted her permission to bring Casey Kasem to a doctor.

As paramedics entered the home that Casey Kasem has been holed up in with his current wife, Kerri Kasem remained on the street. Jean Kasem exited the house with a package of hamburger meat and tossed it underhand down the driveway while referring to a Biblical story of King David.

No deputies who were present at the scene saw Jean Kasem toss the meat, a spokesperson for the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office told CNN. However, several witnesses described the incident and now a video with audio, provided by Kerri Kasem’s representative, clearly shows Jean Kasem’s bizarre action.

No complaint was filed, according to Deputy Scott Wilson.

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