Jean-Claude Van Damme and Kat Foster star in the upcoming Amazon Prime Video original series Jean-Claude Van Johnson.


The cast of the new series met at Beyond Fest for a screening and panel discussion of the project. Van Damme plays himself, a martial arts and film star, under a not-so-sneaky alias, Jean-Claude Van Johnson. The teaser sees Van Damme as a welder creating a bronze statue of none other than himself. “This was a terrible idea,” he says into the camera.

Another brief teaser was released, which shows Van Damme simply kicking down a statue that reads JCVD to make it say JCVJ, his new initials.

The series is produced by Dave CallahamPeter AtencioRidley ScottDavid W. Zucker, and Van Damme. The series should prove hilarious, if not based on the tagline, then based on producer Atencio, who is responsible for Key & PeeleJean-Claude Van Johnson does not have a set release date yet, but fans enjoyed a sneak peak of an episode Beyond Fest on Oct. 9.

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