Internal TV speakers don’t seem to be cutting it. In the age of high definition Blu-Ray players and 3D screens, sound performance has been left in the dust. As Televisions becoming thinner and produce crisper images, the same is true for sound, and that’s not a good thing. Constructing a home theater system can be expensive and complicated, but with JBL Boost TV, a compact sound bar, you can get some of that cinematic quality sound without having to remodel your entire living room.

JBL Boost TV Compact Speaker

JBL Boost TV is a mini sound bar connectable to your television via bluetooth or a 3.5mm analog output. The bluetooth also makes the speaker accessible to other devices in your home. Shaped like a football at 14.8 inches long, the two bass ports at either end add to a fully immersive surround sound experience, with two 50mm “transducers” sandwiched between the two bass ports. Compared to other sound bars at this price level, the JBL is adept at enhancing TV dialog, especially the often chesty male voice. When watching movies, the speaker system is also capable of picking out smaller details in the soundtrack, and allows for a fully immersive listening experience, unmuffled like internal speakers.

JBL Boost TV Compact Speaker

JBL Boost TV Compact Speaker Connection Ports

Simple to set up, the JBL Boost TV is a next step upgrade for that new TV that needs that auditory boost. Despite a lack of stereo separation and a tendency to be a little too scratchy at high volumes, the speaker system is a great beginner improvement for your home entertainment system.

The JBL Boost TV sells for $199.99 on Amazon.


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