Jay Z is teaming up with the Weinstein Company to produce a film and docuseries about the story of Trayvon Martin.


Martin was an unarmed black teenager who was shot and killed in 2012 by George Zimmerman, a member of his community’s neighborhood watch program. The filmmaking company has acquired the rights to two books on the subject – Suspicion Nation: The Inside Story of Trayvon Martin and Why We Continue to Repeat It and Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin.

The projects include a six-part documentary series plus the film, which will be inspired by the books. The rapper and wife Beyoncé attended a rally in 2013 in honor of the dead teenager. “We are still struggling with the issue of inequality and the lack of value for a black man’s life,” Beyoncé wrote afterward. “Trayvon Martin’s most basic civil right, the right to live, was violated.”

This will not be the first time Martin’s story has been retold visually. Director Nonny de la Peña created a virtual reality film called One Dark Night about the shooting using court records and 911 calls.

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