Jay Leno took a spin on a racetrack with drag-racing legend Bob Riggle that ended with a dramatic crash that both thankfully walked away from unharmed.

Jay Leno Stunt Car Crash

Leno had filmed the premiere of his new show Jay Leno’s Garage with Riggle at the Irwindale Speedway in California. The former The Tonight Show host, who’s been a fan of Riggle since his teen years, had long hoped to get the chance to get into a car with him. “This is bucket list for me,” Leno says in a preview clip for the series.

Everything seemed to be going to plan at fist, with Riggle and Leno riding up on two wheels inside the famed 2,500-horsepower Hemi Under Glass. However, after the stunt, Riggle took a turn at high speed, and the car flipped at least once, jostling the two men around before landing upright.

Emergency personnel raced over to the car and quizzed the men on their names, ages and the racetrack they were at before determining that they were both in good shape despite the frightening accident.

“That was certainly exciting,” Leno quipped. “Stuff to do when you’re 80, we’ll call this,” he added, pointing to Riggle.

Jay Leno’s Garage premieres Wednesday, Jun, 29, 2016 at 10 p.m. EST

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