On Wednesday night’s The Tonight Show, Jay Leno returned to the talk show he once hosted for 20 years.

During his opening monologue, current host Jimmy Fallon comically faked a leg injury. He looked out to the audience stating “I’m not sure I can go on actually,” he then assured the crowd “this is The Tonight Show, we have to go on.” Finally, Fallon asked, “I need someone to tag in for me, anyone?”

The crowd roared as Leno made his way to the stage. He jumped right into his own monologue filled with jokes surrounding the presidential campaign, touching on the biggest competitors Donald TrumpHilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

The series of jokes starts off with Clinton, questioning her transparency as a candidate and her husband’s ability to aid in her success.


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Moving on to Trump, Leno noted his controversial statements throughout the campaign, “I’ve been enjoying Donald Trumps new reality show, The Amazing Racist.”

Leno joked about Sander’s age, observing, “Bernie says he is the most anti-fossil fuel of any of the candidates. Well of course he is, that’s cause he is the only of the candidates who is an actual fossil.”

Leno wedged in a joke about President Obama and closed on the topic of the economy where Fallon comes back in.

The five minute video can be seen below.

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