Jason White, the lead guitarist of the punk rock band Green Day has been diagnosed with tonsil cancer. The band’s site released a statement today, making the announcement.

“We have some news to report regarding our brother Jason White, and wanted you to hear it from us before word spread. Jason recently underwent a routine tonsillectomy, and his doctors discovered a treatable form of tonsil cancer. Thankfully they caught it early and he should make a full and speedy recovery… Please join us in sending him love and positive healing vibes during this time.”

Though White isn’t one of the original trio, he has been involved with the band since 1994. He appeared in their “When I Come Around” music video, making out with his then-girlfriend. When leader singer Billy Joe Armstrong began Adeline Records in 1999, White helped run the company. In 1999 he began touring with the band as a backup guitarist, and in 2012 he became a full time member.

In January 2013, White’s wife Janna gave birth to their first child, Sonny. Their second child, a girl named Shelby, was born in May 2014.

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