Jason Patric, who has long been fighting the courts to be declared the legal father of his son, has finally won that distinction in a Califronia courtroom.

Jason Patric Declared Legal Father

Patric won his two-year battle against his ex-girlfriend Danielle Schreiber and the mother of four-year-old son Gus, as a judge finally declared him Gus's legal father. The judge revealed his decision in a sealed, 45-page opinion, according to TMZ. The judge ordered that Patric, Schreiber and their lawyers get to work on figuring out a custody, visitatation and support agreement.

Should Patric and Schreiber not come to an agreement outside of the courtroom, the judge will decide upon those matters as well.

Patric and Schreiber had an on-off relationship for about 10 years – between 2002 and 2012. In 2009, the two broke up, and believing that it was their last break up, Patric apparently offered to donate sperm with which Schreiber could have a child, provided he could stay out of the child's life. However, Patric and Schreiber eventually reconciled and Patric ended up growing close to his son. When he and Schreiber split in 2012, Schreiber wanted to go back to their previous arrangement, with Patric staying out of the child's life.

Since 2012, Patric has been fighting for paternity. In February 2013, a judge ruled in favor of Schreiber. In May of this year, however, Patric was granted an appeal to fight for custody of Gus.

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