Jason Momoa visited the Native Hawaiian protest on Wednesday, which is opposing the construction of a telescope on Hawaii’s tallest mountain.

Momoa, who is a Native Hawaiian, wore a green leaf lei around his neck and the crown on his head as he made his way to a ceremony at the protest site.


He presented an offering wrapped in green ti leaves. He said that he was honored to be there and said, “We are not going anywhere.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson also recently made his appearance at the protest.

Protestors have been blocking the roads to the site for 17 days.

Natives believe that the volcano is sacred. Scientists say it has the best conditions for astronomy in the Northern Hemisphere.

Jessica Dempsey, the deputy director of the East Asian Observatory, said that the observatories negotiated access through legal channels.

She also mentioned that the observatories haven’t been able to resume viewing because they still have to notify law enforcement if they need to take vehicles up to the summit.

“And so at the moment, it remains that we cannot get all of our staff up, as well as our contractors and vendors, that we need to get up on a daily basis in order to return to operational state,” said Dempsey.