We all know Jason Momoa as a tall, muscular. long-haired guy, but that’s not who he really is, a Super Bowl commercial revealed.

In the ad for Rocket Mortgage Quicken loans, Momoa asked “what does home mean to me?” as he drove past the paparazzi outside his house. “It’s my sanctuary,” he said. “It’s the one place where I can let my guard down,” he added as he entered the house and took off his shoes.

“It’s where I can just kick back and and be totally comfortable in my own skin,” he continued – and then he detached his arms, revealing very skinny ones.

He then peeled off his torso and threw it aside, revealing an extremely thin body underneath.

Momoa relaxed on the couch saying that his home is the place where he can be himself, and “it feels pretty darn good.”

But surprises didn’t end there – Momoa forgot to take off his wig. He took it off next, showing himself to actually be bald.

In the end, Momoa tried to benchpress a barbell with no weights on it while his wife, Lisa Bonet, encouraged him. But the Momoa with skinny arms couldn’t handle the weight. “Take it,” he begged his wife.


In another video posted on Friday, Momoa gave us an insight into the other secret comforts in his life. He likes to brush his hair with a pink hairbrush and don a pink hairband, pluck his eyebrow, and repeatedly pronounce his last name. “It’s fun to say,” he smiled.

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