A photograph of Jason Momoa has gone viral, due to internet trolls body shaming the Game of Thrones actor.

The actor was photographed by the pool while on vacation with his wife, Lisa Bonet, in Venice last week.

Many people asked the actor “what happened to the abs?” and criticized his physique as a “dad bod.”

Fans of Mamoa took to Twitter to defend the actor. Some saying that they even wished they had Momoa’s body.


“How in the holy hell is this man out of shape or have a dad bod?! Jason Momoa will outswim everyone! #JasonMamoa” said one user.

“Jason Momoa is getting fat shamed online for looking like this,” said one user with a laughing emoji. “If this is now the standard for a dad-bod we need a new term for acceptably chubby fathers! #JasonMoma #Dadbod.”

One user also posted two images side by side of when the actor had 5% body fat and 18% body fat, which is apparently his body fat percentage seen in the trending image.

“This is Jason Momoa with 5% body fat, this is Jason Momoa with 18% body fat,” said the Twitter user. “Calm down.”

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