Jason Momoa broke his silence regarding Ray Fisher’s accusations against Joss Whedon and WB Studio’s producers of gross mistreatment on the set of The Justice League’s reshoots. The Aquaman star backed up Fisher’s claims and offered his support on an Instagram post featuring the two.

Momoa expressed outrage on social media after seeing Warner Brothers’ announcement of his role voicing Frosty the Snowman in an upcoming movie as being a way to distract from the attention given to Fisher’s controversy with the studio. Momoa wrote on Instagram: “THIS SH-T HAS TO STOP AND NEEDS TO BE LOOKED AT @ray8fisher AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO EXPERIENCED WHAT HAPPEN UNDER THE WATCH OF @wbpictures NEEDS PROPER INVESTIGATION I just think it’s f–ked up that people released a fake Frosty announcement without my permission to try to distract from Ray Fisher speaking up about the shitty way we were treated on Justice League reshoots. Serious stuff went down. It needs to be investigated and people need to be held accountable. #IStandWithRayFisher. aloha j”

The actor seemed to verify Fisher’s July 1 tweet where he revealed Whedon’s reportedly “abusive” treatment of all those on set. Fisher tweeted, “Joss Wheadon’s on-set treatment of the cast and crew of Justice League was gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable. He was enabled, in many ways, by Geoff Johns and Jon Berg. Accountability>Entertainment”

Whedon had come on set to replace Zack Snyder, who had to deal with a family tragedy, as director of the 2017 Justice League film, which released to mixed reviews, and was put in charge of reshoots that had changed many elements of the Snyder’s original vision for the plot. While Fisher refused to explain what Whedon specifically did to him and the rest of the cast, he has been vocal regarding his resentment of Johns’ and Berg’s support of the director during that period.

According to Variety, Fisher dared Whedon to take legal action against him should any of his allegations be untrue. Fisher said in a statement, “We’re gonna get to the heart of everything. And if anything I said about that man is untrue, I invite him wholeheartedly to sue me for libel, to sue me for slander.”

Snyder has not commented on the situation but did spread the news that his version of the Justice League film will be released in 2021 on HBO Max.

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