Jason Momoa gave a pretty casual apology a couple of weeks ago when criticized for taking several group photos in the Sistine Chapel, which he said he did with permission from the staff of The Vatican.

The video began as just another workout video, with the Aquaman star showing off some bicep curls and complaining that one arm is slightly weaker because of an injury. He mentioned it was his “last day” filming in Italy and his planned scene for the day had him “getting chased by the cops, it’s gonna be fun.”

He eventually dropped his weights and addressed the Sistine Chapel situation, saying, “If you ever thought I disrespected your culture, it wasn’t my intention.” He said he visited the Chapel after giving The Vatican “a wonderful donation to bring my friends and crew.”

Once in the Vatican, Momoa said that once arriving, his guests “really wanted to take pictures with me, which is very odd. Trip to the Vatican, look at all this splendor, and they want to take pictures with me which I don’t get, but regardless I did.”

People criticizing Momoa are likely a little bitter that the chapel’s rules were not enforced for him the same way they are for your average tourist, but since he threw down some of his Game of Thrones money for the experience he can probably do what he wants.

Momoa is joining Brie Larson and Daniela Melchior as new characters in Fast X, which is currently set for a Spring 2023 release.

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