Jason Bateman, the Bluth family glue in Arrested Development, bought a $3 million dollar Beverly Hills home that's in need of some serious remodeling.

Bateman’s new home was previously owned by the late actor Ernest Borgnine, who passed away in July of last year. Bourgnine lived there for 60 years, and left it in an immaculate yet outdated state. Five bedrooms and seven bathrooms can be found in the 6,148 square-foot home that has the additional perk of being well hidden from public view.

The home, at the end of a cul de sac, overlooks Hollywood’s Mulholland Drive.

All of the many spacious living rooms open up to the backyard pool area.

Some of the more outdated rooms, will surely be remodeled by Bateman.

But features like this elegant staircase make the house a worthy purchase for the actor.

Bateman’s upcoming film with Bridesmaids’ Melissa McCarthy, Identity Theft, is due out in theaters this Friday, Feb. 8. And Netflix will release all 14 episodes of Arrested Development’s highly anticipated fourth season in May.

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