Jared Leto is in early talks with Walt Disney Pictures to star in a sequel to Tron: Legacy, the follow-up to the 1982 film.

Back in 2015, the third Tron movie was scrapped by Disney. When it was pulled, the movie didn’t have an official green light. Disney reportedly wanted to offer Leto a role.

Tron was set in an imaginative cyberspace universe called the Grid. It gained a cult following which resulted in the first sequel. The new project is not a direct sequel to Legacy, but is being reworked based on the old Tron 3 script.

If approved, Oscar-winning Leto would play a character named Ares, who has not appeared in the past movies but was a ‘key player’ in the forgotten script.

That third movie would have starred Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund, who also starred in the previous film. Joseph Kosinski would have returned to direct. It is not clear if this setup will be retained.

No writer has been hired yet. If the project moves forward, Justin Springer will produce with Leto, and Emma Ludbrook will be involved in some producing capacity.

Leto was last seen in Suicide Squad as The Joker. He will next appear with Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford in Blade Runner 2049.

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