Jared Leto gave fans a bit of a scare on Tuesday when he posted a selfie on Instagram showing off a mustache, a drastic change from his recent, scruffy, bearded look.

“How ya like my #stash! #selfie,” Leto captioned the photo.

After the success of Dallas Buyer’s Club, for which Leto won an Oscar, Leto has maintained a dependable presence in the press, with many gushing over his long hair – it is now well past his shoulders – and his scruffy beard. Needless to say many were confused as to why Leto would suddenly shave and leave himself only with a villainous mustache. Making the photo even more strange is his hair, which appeared to have been cut short below his ears.

Adding to the uncertainty, the photo was posted without any indication that the photo might be old, which had one fan commenting, “WHY YOU SHAVE BEARD?”

Many fans, however, realized that the photo was old, and were not surprised when, a few days later, Leto posted a new photo of himself to Instagram with his now trademark long locks and scruff.

Leto is currently touring with his band, 30 Seconds To Mars, and promoting his documentary Artifact.

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