Jared Leto posted a shirtless mirror selfie on his Instagram account.


“Caption this 🤓 #WALKONWATER,” wrote the singer/actor alongside the photo. His muscular physique is shown up close, as the snap on goes from the Thirty Seconds to Mars singer’s mouth down to his waist, showing off his chiseled abs and pecs.

Caption this 🤓 #WALKONWATER

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Leto also appears to have shaved the bushy beard he’d been sporting for the last few months while on tour with his band. The actor is promoting his band’s new single, entitled “Walk on Water,” and new album, which has yet to be named. The band released a lyric video in late august that features dozens of homemade videos of Fourth of July celebrations across the country.

“Can you even seen what you’re fighting for? / Blood lust in a holy war / Listen up, hear the patriot shout / Times are changing,” the song begins. “Do you believe that you can walk on water,” asks the chorus. “Do you believe that you can win this fight?”

While most fans are excited by the shirtless pic, one super fan points out that the pic is old. “Yeah it is, he has a different phone now, the black one, this pic is circa 2015,” the user writes on Twitter, claiming the photo must be old because of the phone he’s apparently holding to take the pic in the mirror.

Regardless, fans were still happy to see Leto’s body getting fitter since his gangly roles in Dallas Buyers’ Club and Suicide Squad. “WHERE’S THE REST OF IT???…of the album of course ;),” quipped one Twitter user. “Great. Now I’m expecting triplets,” joked another.

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