Jared Leto and Drake recently sat down for a game of Never have I Ever with Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime talk show.

Jared Leto & Drake On ‘Ellen’

Prior to staring the game, DeGeneres gave her guests just one rule: “You just have to be honest. That’s all.”

When DeGeneres asked her first question, whether any of them had ever hooked up with a fan on tour, Drake feigned confusion. “What is fan? Someone who just enjoys your…” he began before showing the “I Have” side of the paddle along with Leto and DeGeneres.

All three of them denied ever having texted a nude selfie to someone, but DeGeneres was the only one to deny ever making out with someone twice her own age or Googling herself.

Leto went on to admit sending a dirty text to the wrong person, and to having a Brazilian wax.

DeGeneres’ last question was about whether anyone had told a girl how he feels about her in a song. After DeGeneres helped Drake flip his paddle to say “I Have,” Leto followed suit.

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