Jane The Virgin premiered Monday night, kicking off the telenovela-based story of Jane Villanueva, a 23-year-old virgin, who is accidentally artificially inseminated by her preoccupied OBGYN.

Jane The Virgin Premiere Recap

In the pilot, Jane (Gina Rodriguez), is studying to become a teacher and dreams of being a writer. Raised by a single mother, Xiomara (Andrea Navedo), and her grandmother Alba (Ivonne Coll), Jane promised her grandmother that she would remain a virgin until marriage (and wouldn’t make the same mistakes as her mother). At 23, Jane is keeping her promise, despite being in a long-term relationship with Michael (Brett Dier), a young detective, and heading towards an engagement.

But first, Jane is at the OBGYN for a routine pap smear on the very same day her boss’ wife, Petra (Yael Grobglas), is being artificially inseminated with her husband’s only sperm sample. Petra’s husband, Rafael (Justin Baldoni) is a cancer survivor, and a rich hotel owner, who isn’t in love with his wife and is considering divorce. To keep her hands on her rich husband, Petra plots to become pregnant with his child. To make matters worse, Rafael’s sister, Luisa (Yara Martinez), is the OBGYN, and she just caught her wife having an affair of her own. Distracted, Luisa performs artificial insemination on Jane instead of Petra.

Two weeks later, Jane faints on the bus and is taken to the ER where the doctor gives her the news: she’s pregnant. As her mother gets on her knees to pray – “You are immaculata!” Xiomara yells upon hearing the news – Jane calls her doctor. In light of Jane’s pregnancy, Luisa is forced to admit her mistake. She does not, however, give Jane the identity of the man who fathered the child and tells Jane she won’t have to meet him.

Xiomara encourages Jane to explore all her options, saying she would support Jane if she chooses not to have the baby, and Jane’s grandmother reveals that she originally told her daughter to get an abortion when she became pregnant with Jane. “But now, you have become the best part of my life, and this will be the best part of your life too,” she tells her.

It’s not that simple, as the news of Jane’s pregnancy has her potential fiancé, Michael, running scared. Jane and Michael are both ambitious, and they have their relationship/career timeline all planned out, but both are forced to deviate from the timeline when Michael proposes and Jane is forced to reveal she’s pregnant.

Michael doesn’t like the idea of starting his life raising another man’s child, and Jane isn’t sure what having the baby would mean for their relationship.

Meanwhile, Raf, a reformed playboy, gets a call from his sister who informs him that the woman she accidentally inseminated with his sample works at his hotel. He arranges a meeting with Jane, where she reminds him that he gave Jane her first kiss, back when she was working at his country club. The two bonded, shared a grilled cheese and kissed, but he never called. Raf reveals he’s her accidental baby daddy, but does not tell her that his cancer makes this baby the one chance he has at having a biological child of his own.

Petra tells Raf she wants the baby, but she may have an ulterior motive. It’s revealed that Petra is having an affair with Raf’s friend, and the manager of his hotel, Roman (Alano Miller). Roman reminds Petra that after five years married to Rafael, Petra will get $10 million in a divorce.

Jane Is Keeping The Baby

After giving it some serious thought, Jane decides to have the baby and act as a sort of egg donor and surrogate, giving the child to Raf and Petra. Having made her decision, Jane decides to take another big risk and proposes to Michael, who accepts.

At work, Michael and his precinct are investigating Roman, who seems to be involved in some shady business deals, and the episode ended with the hint that Michael isn’t the innocent man Jane thinks he is and an introduction to his suspicious brother.

Xio is also hiding secrets from Jane. A quick scene reveals that Jane’s father, whom she’s never met, is really telenovela star (Jaime Camil), and he just found out he has a daughter.

Jane the Virgin airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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