Jane Seymour would be happy to be a part of a Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman revival – but it’s unlikely it will ever happen.

Jane Seymour On ‘Dr. Quinn’

Seymour, who starred on Dr. Quinn in the titular role during the series run from 1993-1998, would be thrilled to reprise the role that made her a household name. Unfortunately, CBS has no plans to give the beloved series about the frontier doctor another go.

“Of course! Of Course!” Seymour exclaimed to uInterview when asked about her interest in more Dr. Quinn. “But CBS owns it and for some reason they have no interest in bringing it back.”

Seymour added, “I have all the costume for Dr. Quinn. They’re all in my closet. I’m ready.”

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Seymour went on to mention that longtime fans of Dr. Quinn can witness a reunion of sorts in a Funny or Die parody video she participated in with other members of the cast called “Dr. Quinn Morphine Woman.”

In addition to her Dr. Quinn fans wanting a Dr. Quinn reboot, Seymour has James Bond fans that want her to appear in another 007 film. So, in order to please those fans as well, Seymour did another Funny or Die video – this one with Daniel Craig.

“People always ask me also whether I’ll ever do another James Bond film, and of course I’m never asked,” Seymour revealed. “I did another Funny or Die on that too, which is very funny. They green screened me with Daniel Craig, which was really a hoot.”


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