In the days leading up to the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards, Glee's Jane Lynch was generally thought of as a solid choice as host. Like previous Emmy host Ellen DeGeneres, to whom she bears obvious comparisons, she is both funny and likable, and just happens to star on one of TV's most popular shows. However, it is not unprecedented for a promising host to deliver a lackluster performance, especially with high expectations, so tuning in to see just how well Lynch's gig would go was a big ratings draw — and luckily, both for Emmy watchers and Lynch fans, the comedienne got in some truly funny jokes that were largely in good taste.

Putting aside the pre-recorded musical number, which sent Lynch surfing around the various sets of the most heavily nominated television shows to a rather weak tune, her out-of-breath opening monologue had her acknowledging various attendees with knowing nods. "Jon Hamm and I are at finger pistols," Lynch joked, belying strong intimacy with the Mad Men actor.

Here are some more Lynch jokes that went over well:

— "Ah, there's Betty White. She's the reason we start the show at 5:00 pm."


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— "Everyone was asking if I have a gay agenda, and actually I do. Call Rachel Maddow and find out what time spinning is. Take the pick-up in for an oil change. Nah, I'll do it myself. And there was a third thing but I must have left in my fanny pack."

— "A lot of people are curious why I'm a lesbian. Ladies and Gentlemen, the cast of Entourage."

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    She seemed like she'd be an interesting host.

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