Jamie Oliver is finding that creating a Food Revolution isn't as easy as he had hoped. His show Food Revolution premiered its second season last night on ABC, but the Emmy-winning show was down 36% in ratings compared to its premiere last season. But it will take more than a drop in ratings to stop Oliver’s battle against obesity.

On Revolution, the 35-year-old Englishman tries to change the eating habits of the people he encounters. Last year, he took on Huntington, West Virginia, statistically America's unhealthiest city. This season, he is going after Los Angeles. Already, Oliver has run into several obstacles. The Los Angeles Unified School District has denied Oliver access to its schools. "I do have faith that I will have some kind of meaningful relationship with the LAUSD," Oliver told the Los Angeles Times. "They presumed I was just going to come in and knock them, but actually I wanted to see the situation and the stresses and pressures they're under."

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